Baltic Sea Tourism Center – Förderantrag South Baltic Programme

Im 1. Call des South Baltic Programme im Dezember 2015 wurde der Projektantrag „Baltic Sea Tourism Center“ unter Federführung des Tourismusverbandes Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Lead Partner) eingereicht, mit Expertise begleitet durch die Unternehmensberatung Susanne Marx (Projektentwicklung, Moderation etc.).


„The objective of the project is an improved cross-border tourism communication and cooperation facilitated by a permanent service unit – the Baltic Sea Tourism Center. It associates the tourism stakeholders and promotes sustainable, responsible and innovative tourism in the SBR as an intermediate on operational level between the strategic, political decision makers and the tourism industry. This new approach will also result into a new set-up of the Baltic Sea Tourism Forum, as a yearly networking and think-tank event. In the project a committed and experienced group of partners from all SBR countries will investigate and implement joint structures, strategy and pilot services for various target groups in the regional scope of the SBR and prepare for a later roll-out to the entire Baltic Sea region after the South Baltic project ends. Selected pilot services, like a capacity building programme for tourism professionals, tourism SMEs and tour operators and processes for regular market data reports shall produce best-practices to demonstrate the capabilities of the BSTC for future partners/members. As a flagship project, the BSTC directly implements the EUSBSR action plan and will have a considerable impact on sustainable tourism development in the region.“

Foto: TMV